To make a request for funding, or to request reimbursement for a purchase from the Wellington Elementary PTA, one must first be a member of the PTA.

  1. Submit a funding request form. This can be done at anytime, all year long. However, we do approve the bulk of funding requests at our first PTA meeting of every academic year. So, for requests you know about ahead of time, it is helpful to submit the necessary forms and documentation before our summer planning meeting. This allows funds to be allocated in our budget approval for your requests.
  2. Receive approval. All funding requests will be brought up for discussion by the next PTA meeting. Once the PTA has had a chance to review your request, you will then be notified of its status.
  3. Make your purchase. Once the request has been approved, you may then purchase items/programs requested and fill out the payment request form for payment. Some vendors will bill the PTA directly. In these cases, it’s helpful to put your name in the PO so we know where to direct it once received. For vendors such as Walmart, Target, and the Parent-Teacher Store, you will have to pay for your purchases out-of-pocket and be reimbursed.

In either method you must attach the invoice or receipts to a payment request form and submit it to the PTA Treasurer for payment. This can be done by putting your documentation in the PTA mailbox. The PTA mailbox is checked weekly, but if you wish to expedite reimbursement, feel free to email our Treasurer at that your request for reimbursement is to be picked up.

The PTA is exempt from sales tax. Our sales tax exemption ID is A14300. Many vendors will simply give us the sales tax exemption just by you verbally giving them the exemption ID. However, some will require the purchase exemption certificate. This exemption is to be taken whenever making purchases on behalf of the PTA. If you fail to take the sales tax exemption, then you will not be reimbursed for sales tax.

Should you have any questions regarding the status of a request or reimbursement, please email the Treasurer at

Applicable Forms

Sales Tax Exemption ID: A14300

If you have any questions in regard to the PTA's funding and reimbursement procedures, please contact us.